Digihertz Audio is a premier audio technology company dedicated to producing R&D, production and sales of professional digital audio and DSP products. 


Digihertz Audio owns an internationally registered trademark for its own audio products ”DA”, and it develops and produces all DA Brand products related to the professional audio market.


Thanks to Digihertz Audio's highly qualified team, some of the products and ODM service provided to worldwide clients are...


  • DSP Matrix Processors

  • Digital Loudspeaker Management Systems

  • Professional DSP Network Power Amplifiers

  • Class D Power Amplifiers

  • Active Speaker and Line Array Loudspeakers

  • Digital Mixers

  • DSP Modules

  • Power Amplifier Modules of Active Speakers

  • Guitar/Bass Amplifiers

  • DSP Effect Pedals... and more.

We take audio seriously and love what we do as a brand.

In our company, you will find nothing but avid music and audio fans who have invested their lives in providing the absolute best product line humanly possible. 


Here, supporting our efforts for maximum quality and premium sound, is a team of experienced and dedicated production and logistics professionals. They work day-in and day-out to insure that only the best DA products reaches your hands so you can experience some of the best sounds you’ve ever heard.

Digihertz Audio works to insure that every detail in our products is nothing short of great. We believe you will hear this perfection every time you listen to a DA product. 


Thank you for tuning in!

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