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I don't think I’ve ever been able to make such a purchase so smooth and painless.  It makes me wish your company provided more gear I’d be in the market for.

One of the much better speaker management units compared to the other high cost units.... this is a basic unit, the build quality is very good, 4 XLR in's and 8 XLR out's... nice led display, sound quality is outstanding... I looked at many different units, I was looking for 2 in and 8 out because I would be connecting several amplifiers... other brands just did not have those input and output features and were much too expensive… as noted, this unit is well built, manufactured in china and the price is much less than those top brands.... if you are looking for a good sound management system, that you don't want to spend a lot.... this unit will do the job just fine.

Really easy to use! Affordable! I really like the digital EQ's, I can set it and not have anyone mess it up. This unit is versatile and a great problem solver when working with various types of speakers and zones.

Such a great unit! Just installed this into my rack of equipment and it is an amazing value. It has a strange learning curve, but once you get the hang of it things become perfectly dialed in. The unit is a tad bright in reproduction, but can easily be corrected. It does not pop when started, and wakes up quickly. The unit does not feel cheap with its all metal body, bright LEDs give it a premium look. Very comparable to the DBX Drive Rack at a fraction of the cost! This is 100% going into all future installs I do.

Something new to add to the rack system... I decided to try this unit, I looked at many other sound management systems, but other units cost far more..... The reason I decided to go with this brand and model was the price and the appearance..... a lot less expensive than the other brands.. I have not tried this unit out as of yet, I am replacing my Nady 8 channel signal separator because I have some signal loss... for now, I will give a review for the quality of this unit... it looks well made, it is about 8 lbs, nice front rack appearance and good quality controls... it has two inputs, and four outputs, all balanced XLR's... just enough for my system.. the appearance and build quality is there.... Once I hook everything up I will update this review on its performance... updated: I installed the product, easy to hook up, 2 XLR in's and 4 XLR out's....plugged in the unit and it works very good.... actually better sounding than the Nady signal that I had... with the vast improved sound quality this unit puts out it should last a long time.... highly recommend...... for sound management.


Way powerful!!

Best power amp I ever have...really powerful and all RMS spec accurate, not like other companies putting peak power as their output power spec.

A lot more powerful than you would really expect!  I purchased the DAH-1800 model, the largest model they manufacture; I was surprised with the output power, the DAH 1800 with tremendous power transformer, large storage capacitor 4 fans and heavy duty build quality.  I tested the amplifier with 12 inches three way speakers, no problem in pushing these dogs, as well as a two way 15 inches woofer, no issues and more than enough head room to drive a 15 sub woofer.

Digital Matrix Processor DAMX16/DAMX16D
High-speed processing DSP Chip, new generation AFC algorithm to eliminate the feedback and make the system more stable.
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