The product use 24-bit high performance DSP and AD/DA 48Hz frequency multi-channel kaaraoke processor.
High performance professional effect (Mixing, Echo, Mixing Echo)
5 bands auto-digital feedback control
Seven stage stereo digital key control of modified tone
Music high-low pass plus 5 bands parametric equalizer
5 bands PEQ of Microphone treble and bass. 5 bands PEQ of Main Output, Main Output Volume, Direct sound of Main Outpout, Effect, Master Volumn.
Super bass 3 bands parametric equalizer
Mid-3 bands parametric equalizer
2 groups audio-video auto priority input(BGM) function
Specially added mid-micro channel
Digital potentionmeter makes parameter adjusting an easy operation
Wireless remote control with VOD computer interface and song choice button
Rs232 computer realtime control, all parameter can be adjusted
Extremely low BG noise
16X2 character LCD display

DA-TK250A Karaoke Power Mixing Amp

  • 19 x 14 x 5 .1

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