Professional Power Amplifiers

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Stereo Power Amplifier

Balanced XLR interface, professional SPEAKON output socket multiple connection mode.

Removable dustproof net design, makes the maintenance more convenient.

Built-in clipping limit circuit to reduce distortion, protect the speaker work normally.

Large transformer with high efficiency, large capacity filter capacitor ensures power amplifier output full load, no distortion, wide dynamic range and full low frequency.

Dual channel gradual cooling system + power setting can stand temperature device and high efficiency fan + convection design effectively, avoid overheating inside machine.

Real-time soft start characteristics of relay delay time circuit protecting the speaker avoid circuit impact.

More secure with dual delay of boot time, protection of short circuit overload, DC high temperature.

DAD 800/1800/3200/4000

Professional Digital Power Amplifier

Technical Specifications

Classic PWM circuit desgin and new-tech protection circuit.

Excellent  power-supply design, reliable circuit, high efficiency and low distortion.

New added modulation mode helps to take sample to extremely small signal, to improve and perfect the method of sampling.

High switch mode frequency, precise controlling of dead-time, makes the distortion of the amplifier at a low range, the sound quality reaches and even passes the traditional transformer amplifier.

It has high reliability and applicablility, big dynamic range, small size, light weight, high efficiency, low distortion,  high output power.

1U rackmount.

DAE 214/216/418

Digital Speaker Processor

High-performance AD/DA DAC chip and high-speed processing DSP chip.

Friendly and intuitive control interface, control debugging for more convenience.

Improved function module design, input/output all with volume delay, EQ, compressor debug module.

Input/output have maximum 1S long delay, for variety of different applications.

Input/output have seven full-parametric EQ section, to meet a variety of different configurations for debugging.

Improved accessibility design (digital lock, copy, routing, etc.).

Sophisticated circuit design. High performance safe, and durable products.

Support USB/RS485 communication, can be applied to different environments.


DAQ 2400/7200/10000

Professional Digital Power Amplifier

Technical Specifications

ŸModular design, each channel is fully separated and without any interference from other channels.


1U Rack design with small dimension, light weight and high output power.


Universal switch mode power supply, intelligent limiter and full protection circuitry.

Selected material used with high frequency capacity, imported variable speed fan.

Digital Speaker Management Processor
DJ - Venues: Studio - Bar - Church - Stage - Concert - Live Sound - School
Feedback Eliminator
DJ - Venues: Studio - Bar - Church - Stage - Concert - Live Sound - School

Digital Auto Feedback Eliminator

Technical Specifications

24-bit high speed and high performance DSP to realize speedy feedback frequency scan and auto feedback, which guaranees the signal resolution and dynamic range.

64/128 sampling high resolution; 24-bit A/D, D/A high-speed conversion signal; Dual-channel input, each channel has 12 auto-search feedback points, targeted eliminated.

Every filter with separate dynamic and static filter, auto processing  and lock the trap wave frequency.

The Potentiometer LED indicates the input single power.

Factory default setting, Plug & Play, user friendly.

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DAE 224/226/428

Digital Speaker Processor

Input 9 band PEQ (Including Phase EQ), 31 band GEQ.

Output 9 band PEQ.

Dynamic range: 108 dB.

Over-long delay, 25 for each input and 25 for each output.

Intuituve and friendly UI software.

Wide diapason, natural and delicate timber.

30 system presets.

External WiFi modular interconnection.

iOs app control on Ipad that end user can download from the Apple app store.  Search DAE224/226/428.

Android app control from the Google app store. Search DAE224/226/428


Karaoke Systems
Home Users - Studio

DSP Karaoke Power Amp

The product uses a 24-bit high performance DSP and AD/DA 48Hz frequency multi-channel karaoke processor.

High performance professional effect (mixing, echo, mixing echo). 5 bands auto-digital feedback control.

Seven stage stereo digital key control of modified tone.

Music high-low pass plus 5 bands parametric equalizer.

5 bands PEQ of microphone treble and bass. 5 bands PEQ of Main Output, Main Output Volume, Direct sound of Main Outpout, Effect, Master Volumn.

Super bass 3 bands parametric equalizer.

Mid-3 bands parametric equalizer.

2 groups audio-video auto priority input (BGM) function.

Specially added mid-micro channel.

Digital potentionmeter makes parameter adjusting an easy operation.

Wireless remote control with VOD computer interface and song choice button.

Rs232 computer realtime control, all parameters can be adjusted.

Extremely low BG noise.

16X2 character LCD display.

Technical Specifications


Vocal Effect Pro - DK5/DK7

DSP Sound Effect System

4 and 6 channel professional vocal processors.

DSP sound effect processing.

AC 90-250V, 50/60Hz.

The DK5 and DK7 with USB connect and IR wireless control.

Technical Specifications




Digital Matrix Processor
Home Users - Studio
Digital Matrix Processor - DAMX08/DAMX16
Technical Specifications

High-speed processing DSP Chip, new generation AFC algorithm to eliminate the feedback and make the system more stable.

Application incudes Auto Mixer (limiter threshold and Gain), Routing, Audio Processing and special signal extension processing.

16-channel Phantom Power Microphone/Line input, 16-channel Line output; 32-channel programmable logic input and output.

Microphone Preamplifier, Compressor, Auto Gain Control, Ducker, Auto Mixer, Matrix Mixer, AFC, AEC optional, Crossover, Equalize PEQ, Limiter and Delay. Provide a complete set of Audio Process solution.

Connect with GUI interface directly through Ethernet, easy and efficient to set.

Option to configure with inserted Dante modules. 8x8 or 16x16.

Support camera tracking, support POE, support wall panel control.

Pro Digital Power Amplifier
Home Users - Studio
Digital Power Amplifier - DA6600/DA8600

Designed for cinema system, intelligent home, home theatre, etc. to match with 5.1 or 7.1 multi channels.

1U Rack design with small dimension and big output power.

Modular design, each channel is fully separate without any interference with other channels.

High efficiency SMPS and big current storage, intelligent Limiter, mulit-protection functions.

Technical Specifications

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